Name: Sheshe (シェシェ Sheshe)
Age: 17
Race/Species: Water Demon

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Redish Orange
Eye Color: Light Blue

Personal Information

Hobby: Singing, Teasing Mimi
Favourite Color: Red
Image Songs: Kuro no Kyōsōkyoku, Yami no Baroque


Family: Mimi (Sister)
Friends: Mimi, The Mermaid Princesses
Enemies: Gaito, Mikeru

Production Information

Voice Actress: Miki Tsuchiya
Position in the Series: Villain

Sheshe ( シスター シェシェ: Shisutā Sheshe) is the oldest out of the Black Beauty Sisters. Her younger sister is Mimi.


Sheshe is the elder sister of the Black Beauty Sisters. Sheshe is a mercenary of Gaito, not in love with Gaito like the Dark Lovers, but only willing to cooperate with Gaito for personal gain (more specifically, a piece of the 7 oceans). The Black Beauty Sisters are the most powerful servants of Gaito, with a singing voice so strong that the mermaids can barely stand to listen to it. She is more powerful than Mimi, because she has demostrated all the powers that she has and more powers that she hasn't demostated. The reason the Black Beauty Sisters must align with Gaito is because they, like the Dark Lovers, are also transformed by Gaito's spell. Sheshe's true form is that of a demon anglerfish.

Sheshe and her younger sister first appeared in Episode 27,almost succeeding in capturing the mermaid princesses,as they were immune to their songs before.The first and only mermaid that they had "captured' was Karen ,until Lucia,Hanon and Rina rescued her by singing their newest song Kizuna.

After Episode 28,Mimi and her sister continuted to work for Gaito,they were not worried about getting replaced or punished as Gaito always trusts them.Until episode 48,Mimi had insulted Gaito by saying something mean about Sara and he slapped her.Sheshe suggested that they steal Noel and Coco's pearls and act on their own.They also hypnotized the Dark Lovers to help them capture the mermaid princesses.They almost succeeded until Aqua Regina gave the four of the new song Kodou .They asked Gaito for help but he was very angry at them so he turned them back into anglerfish.

Fortunately,they were revived/turned back into water demons in Season 2 Episode 2/Pure Episode 2 by their new boss,Mikeru.Mikeru also gave them a new song Yami No Baroque, even more powerful than their former song.In this season,Sheshe and her sister are not as carefree and arrogant as before.



Sheshe's human form

Sheshe has red hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes.She has a red horn(Like a unicorn horn)that sticks out of her hair. She has a yellow lure(Similar to a bindis)on her forehead.She is usually wears a red leotard with a strap that is tied around her neck. She also wears gray tights,and arm warmers with X‘s on them.

Sheshe wears a red dress and has normal ears in her human form(Shown in Pure Episode 16/Episode 68

Sheshe’s normal form


As Sheshe is a villian she acts in evil ways in order to capture the mermaids. She will get angry if someone says something bad about her.She has a "dominant" personality,as she often likes to tease and initiates contact with Mimi. She is more arrogant and snobbish compared to her sister.However, she has a nice and caring personality towards her younger sister and they barely ever fight(Except in Pure Episode 27) She cares about her sister a lot and will do anything to protect her.


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Voice Actress

Sheshe's voice actress is Miki Tsuchiya.