Luxor Publishing produced a lot of Mermaid Melody merchandise that was sold in Serbia and some parts of Croatia and Montenegro.

Serbian Merchandise


In Serbia a CD with the songs of the first season was released. The songs are took from the episodes without talking voices during the songs. There were released also an album of stickers and an album with the official lyrics of the Serbian song of the first season. In a second album there were included information about the Mermaids and some posters.

Activity Books

  • Colouring Book 1
In Serbia, Mermaid Melody produced some activity books about the anime. There was Book 1 and Book 2.

Activity Book 1

In the first activity book, there were two colouring in books that you got inside. The first colouring in book had a orange cover with white stars and Hanon, Lucia and Rina were pictured with their microphones singing in their idol form. The first two pages have pictures of Lucia and Aqua Regina. Their is also a brief introduction of who they are.


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