Name: Purachan (プーラちゃん Pūra-chan)
Age: (around) 2
Species/Race: Jellyfish

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Eye Color: Black

Personal Information

Hobby: Floating here and there
Favorite Color: Light Pink


Friends: Hanon Hôshô (owner), Hippo

Production Information

Position in the Series: Minor Character

Purachan (プーラちゃん Pūra-chan) is Hanon's pet jellyfish. She is sometimes seen with Hippo. Hanon has a 'Purachan' Keyring. In one opening, Purachan spins around until she gets dizzy and bumps into Hippo, thus making him fall down. She is not seen in the series very often and is not important to the plot when she is.


Purachan is pink with a white layer and a yellow halo around her head.


Purachan is always smiling and happy, though she never talks so it is hard to tell her true personality.


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