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Episode 1 - Pearl Piari Hotel (Day)
Episode 1 - Pearl Piari Hotel (Night)

The Pearl Piari hotel is the hotel that Lucia and Hanon live and work in during the series. It is owned by Madame Taki and managed by Nikora Nanami. The building consists of two stories, with the main floor acting as the reception and dining area for the hotel, and the second story housing the hotel's rooms.

Lucia's Room

Lucia's Room
Lucia's room follows her general color scheme of varying shades of pink. The room itself has coral pink walls and hardwood flooring. She has various decorations in her room, following a frilly pink and heart-shaped motif.

Hanon's Room

Hanon's Room
Hanon's room follows her general color scheme of varying shades of blue. The room itself has seafoam-blue walls and hardwood flooring. Like Luchia's room, it has a motif of her main color, blue, but her decor is more sleek rather than frilly.

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