Since Noel is the princess of the Arctic Ocean Castle, she mostly wears deep-blue clothing in her mermaid and idol form. She wears more white and blue clothing in her human form.

Mermaid Clothing


    • Mermaid Outfit
    • Mermaid Outfit
    Line: Mermaid
  • Episode Worn: ???

Noel wears this pretty mermaid outfit when she is swimming in the sea. Noel's hair is much more of a lighter blue shade than in her human form. Her side fringe is slighly messier than in her human form and is placed on the right side of her forehead. Her hair ends are slightly wavy. Her seashell bra is a sapphire colored and features white beads on the sides. Her tail is a solid dark blue color. She wears her pearl necklace, deep blue seashell earrings, white bead bracelets on the lower right arm and a dark blue bracelet on her upper right arm. 


    • Princess Outfit
    Line: Princess
  • Episode Worn: ???

Noel wears this cute outfit when taking part in parties and ceremonies. Noel's hair appears more wavier and she now has a parted fringe. It also looks more glossier. She reuses her seashell bra from her 'Mermaid' outfit. However to change up her look, she wears a flared skirt with two layers on top of her deep blue tail. The first layer is a dark blue shade with frills. The second layer is a lighter blue with more frills and covers the back of the tail much more than the first layer does. Three deep blue bows are attached on the top of the skirt. The two layers are pleated and flow down her tail. For accessories: she wears her shell necklace and white bracelets. 

Idol Clothing


    • Super Idol Outfit
    • Super Idol Outfit
    Line: Idol
  • Episode Worn: ???

Noel wears her idol costume when battling against enemies or singing.Noel's hair is same to her 'Mermaid' outfit. Noel's costume consists of a strapless light blue mini dress that shows of her legs.The top of the dress is exactly the same to the top of her tail in her 'Mermaid' outfit. The dress is covered with lilac and blue frills on the right side. Her white gloves also have blue and lilac frills and so do her white high-heeled boots, Her accessories are a: E-Pitch Microphone and her shell necklace.

In her Super Idol Outfit, Noel gains more frills on her gloves, dress and boots. A large dark blue bow is also attached at the back of the dress.Her hair appears more neater than in other forms and now it is held back with white and blue barrettes.

Human Clothing


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


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