Wet Suit Michal

Mikaru's Surf Suit

Michal, being a rich girl has a great variety of clothes.


At school, she wore the required school uniform with black socks, while at home, Mikaru wears a peach color shoulder off shirt, a light yellow skirt, and orange toms.

When she went to hang out with Lucia, Rina, Hanon, and Kaito, she wore a white top, blue skirt, pink flower heels, and a purple jacket around her shoulders. In episode 34, she wore a grey and pink wetsuit and had a red surfboard.

Her sleeping clothes are a long yellow nightgown and sometimes, she would have her purple jacket on her shoulders to keep her warm. She was also wearing her nightgown when she was looking for Mikeru to end her misery, when she gained her angel wings.
When Mikaru was reborn, she looks exactly the same she did when she was older, only a younger version. Rihito states that he remembers the day Mikaru was born. She is wearing a dark blue dress and seems prone to blushing.

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