The Hebrew dub of Mermaid Melody aired during the years 2008-2009. Most of the names of the characters are kept, with the exception of Poku and Mikel.


The opening song (Promised Land) was dubbed and renamed to Festigal.

Voice Actors

  • Lucia Nanami - Einat Arlich (2008)
  • Lucia Nanami - Lenny Cohen (2009)
  • Hanon Hosho - Michal Reshef
  • Rina Toin - Talia Barkai
  • Hippo - Dan Kizler
  • Tarou - Gilad Kalter
  • Sheshe - Ella Tadmor

Singing Actors

  • Rina Toin/Noel/Mikaru/Yuri - Dikla Hadar
  • Karen/Poku/Nikora/Aqua Regina - Adi Kozluvski
  • Sara/Lanhua - Shirli Lilu
  • Seira/Alala - Revital Zaltzman 
  • Madame Taki/Lady Bat - Hilla Ma'aravi
  • Maria - Dana Semo


Some parts of Episode 6 (like the Kaito and Lucia kiss), were censored as it was seen to be inappropriate to the producers. Also, Episode 24 wasn't aired at all.

Dubbing team

Hadar Sahaf-Ma'ayan (Coco/Mimi/Seira [dubbed Seira in Season 2, aka Pure trailer]

Tzvika Forman (Mikeru [in hebrew dub- Mikel])

Inbal Laurie (Yazur)

Yael Ben Ari (Eriru [in hebrew dub- Eril])


Translation: When I think about it, she doesen't really have much sense of direction.

Fan Theories

the israel watchers had some fan theories about the series.

first of all, since Kaito was adopted, he got named by his adopting parents. so, since he and Gaito (Gakuto) are the princes of the Phantarassa, and in the hebrew dub Gaito's name was hamadrih (the guide), Kaito's name was actually Hanasih (the prince), but it's wrong.

another theory was that the girls don't change into mermaids when water touch them, but they turn into mermaids when water touches their pendant. like, in episode 33, Lucia went on the rollercoaster with Kaito, and as the drop touched her necklace, it started glowing. on the last episode of season 1, Lucia stood with kaito inside the water as a human, which means she turns into a mermaid when water touches her pendant.''

there's also a theory that's based on the anime. before Seira was fully born, you could see that the pearl is what giving her 'life'. Madame Taki is the mother of pearl, as it was said, which means that Masame Taki might be Lucia's mother. also, maybe all of the princesses are sisters, since no one mentioned they have a pearl-mother, so maybe Madame Taki created all of their pearls


A commercial for Pure, who was just 'season two'. [1]

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