A blue bracelet

The Mermaid Beads are blue beaded bracelets formerly owned by a mermaid and currently by an old lady. They appear only in the first season. The Mermaid Beads are said to grant miracles of love.


The Mermaid Beads are said to have the power of instantly making someone fall in love with the current wearer, if he or she touches that person.


In a certain seaside town, there was a young man, and a young lady who loved that man. Howerver, the young man was struck with disease and was told he didn't have long to live. The young lady went to the sea and offered a prayer: "Please somehow save the life of the man I love." Then there appeared a mermaid whose heart was moved by the sight of that girl. And she lent the young girl a legendary bracelet said to make miracles of love happen. After the young lady put the bracelet on and tapped the shoulder of that young man, he eventually regained his health and tied the knot with the young girl. That is how the story goes.

However, it turns out that the love of the young lady never bore fruit. It is true that the bracelet saved the man from his illness, however, the young lady relied too much on the miracle of the beads and never told him what was in her heart. And then, one day, he left the young woman.

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