Maria Gasping


Name: Maria (マリア Maria)
Race: Water Demon
Age: 14 (dead)

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grayish Blue

Personal Information

Favorite Color: Light Blue
Hobby: Reading
Profession: Gaito's Servant (former)


Alies: Dark Lovers
Love Interest: Gaito
Best Friends: Izuru, Eriru and Yuri

Production Information

Voice Actress: Sanae Kobayashi
Position in the Series: Villain

Maria (マリア Maria) is one of the four main antagonists in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.



Maria made her anime debut in Episode 6.

Pichi Pichi Pitch

In Maria's first appearance, she seems to be the closest to Gaito, but she still tries to maintain her position. Towards the end of the first season, Maria ends up giving all her power to Gaito so he can recharge his powers (after the mermaids weakened him). 


When Hippo's wish (to see Yuri once again) was granted, she made an appearance to work in an Ice Cream truck along with Izuru and Eriru. However after the sunset, Maria and the other Dark Lovers disappear. Maria's last appearance was in the last episode with the rest of the characters.


In the Manga, Maria and Gaito have a strong connection, however she didn't seem to worry much about the others taking her place. 


Maria acts in a very cold manner towards everyone with the expection to Gaito due to her having feelings for him. She can be quite cruel and is considered to be the meanest out of the Dark Lovers. Maria has a calm demeanor and tends to give cold smiles to everyone.

However in the Manga, Maria is shown to have a caring heart as she does worry for Sara.


Maria has long blonde hair, grayish-blue eyes and her skin is ice-white. She has crystal-liking ears. She usually wears a grayish-white dress with blue boots. 

In the Manga, she looks older than the rest of the Dark Lovers.

Forms and Aspects

Maria has three forms: her Water Demon form, her Human form, and her Eel form.

Water Demon Form

She wears a grayish-white halter dress and boots. She has two crystal-like ears. She mainly use attack in this form.

Human Form

Maria, like the rest of the Dark Lovers, use this form to stay on land. Her Human Form is similar to her Water Demon Form, but her ears are the same as humans instead of crystal.

Eel Form

Maria's Eel Form is her true form. Her Water Demon Form is because of Gaito's powers.


Maria's powers are based on ice and snow. She is shown controlling winter and more powerful when the cold season comes. For instance, she could freeze whatever and however she wanted. She use her ice manipulation powers almost always, as she isn't very keen on manipulating snow, even though she has that ability. She can also use spells that can control ice, snow and cold. She can freeze things like roses. In the manga, similar to Izuru, she has an extra ability to create ice dragons.



Voice Actor

Maria is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi who also voiced Fuku and Lady Bat.


  • Maria, along with Lady Bat, is the only known demon who can use magic and the second Dark Lover, along with Izuru, who can control a state of water. 
  • In the Manga, she is called an old hag by Kaito and the Princesses.
  • She is the first to claim herself a beautiful woman for Gaito.

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