Makoto Standing


Name: Makoto (信 Makoto)
Age: 10
Species/Race: Human

Physical Information

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Personal Information

Lives in: Japan


Family: Kaito Domoto (cousin)
Love Interest: Lucia Nanami

Production Information

Voice Actor: Chihiro Kusaka
Position in the Series: Minor Character

"A Mermaid Contest?"

Makoto (信 Makoto) is Kaito's cousin. He too, believes in mermaids. He was more interested in finding his beloved mermaid whom he appeared to have seen and fallen in love with. 



Coming soon..


Coming soon..


Makoto is a shy and kind person, but also a big prankster. He was very persistant about revealing the secrets about mermaids being real, but decided that he'd best leave them alone because he had read that if the mermaid's identites were discovered, they would turn into bubbles.


Makoto is small in height due to his age. He has short dark brownish grey hair and a spiky fringe. His eyes are hazel brown.


Please see Makoto's Gallery page.


  • Makoto's name translates to Truth and Faithfulness in English.
  • Makoto was the first human to know Lucia's identity.

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