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English Lyrics

Why don't you... Listen to... Your heart and let it control you.

These feeling that... Are inside, there called emotions, happy emotion, loving emotion, all different emotions...


Just close your eyes and close your mind... HEY!

Hear your hear heart and then you'll find... HEY!

A feeling that, HEY!

Is called love, HEY!

Follow your heart and you will find it!

I will dream, about the love my heart was given to me.

Happiness, HEY!

Destiny, HEY!

My heart guides me all way!

I will dream, about the man my heart is leading me too my feelings show, the one I want to know, MY SECRET!

Portuguese Lyrics

Desconheço a razão

Porque bate forte o meu coração

Desconheço a razão

Vê como arde a chama do amor

Eu nunca senti algo assim tão bom

Estou a cantar, não consigo parar

Estou a dançar, não consigo parar

Não há volta

Não se muda

Quando começas a apaixonar-te!

O coral, conta sempre os segredos ao mar

Também eu

Este amor

Devo confessar

Assim é, continuarei sempre a cantar

Sente a emoção...

Que transborda do coração

Portuguese Translation

I do not know the reason

Why my heart beats strong

I do not know the reason

See how the flame of love burns

I never felt anything so good

I'm singing, I can't stop

I'm dancing, I can't stop

There is no going back

You can't change

When you begin to fall in love!

The coral, always tells the secrets to the sea

So I

This love

Must confess

So it is, I will always continue to sing

Feel the exciment...

That overflows in the heart

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