Kodou ~Perfect Harmony~

Mermaid Melody~KODOU04:49

Mermaid Melody~KODOU

Kodou-6 Mermaids01:46

Kodou-6 Mermaids

Kodou sung by 6 mermaids

Description: Song Given by Aqua Regina
Singer(s): Asumi Nakada (Lucia)
Hitomi Terakado (Hanon)
Mayumi Asano (Rina)
Ema Kogure (Karen)
Satomi Arai (Coco)
Ryoko Nagata (Noel)
Kana Ueda (Sara)

Kodou ~Perfect Harmony~ is one of the songs that Aqua Regina granted to the Mermaid Princesses in Episode 49.



Karaoke - Kodou (Special v2)04:51

Karaoke - Kodou (Special v2)

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