Seira's flower garden is the 80 episode of the series and the 28 episode of season Pure.


Lucia's class takes a trip to a greenhouse, and she starts to brighten as Katio sits beside, her, much to Mikaru's dismay. Seira's spirit alerts Lucia, Hanon, and Rina of an impending. Kaito remembers Lucia's birthday from before.


In show began when Fuku asked if Lanhua's plan will work which she answers yes. She show he a sphere-like cage and reasure him that she will suceed. At school, Lucia and all her classmates are on a fieldtrip. On the bus Lucia poured candy on the other seat so Hanon can have a chocolate. To Lucia's suprise and delight Kaito will be sitting with her for a day which Hanon and Rina felf happy for her. Mikaru was not happy that Kaito was sitting with Lucia. Outside the buses Lanhua figure out that she can captured the mermaid princesses uses karaoke and change into a bus guide to her disgust since the previous time had happen to her as a bus guide but was willing to do it to catch the mermaid princesses. She went into the bus where Lucia, Hanon, and Rina was and said that her name is Lang Lang. As the bus start to go to the green house, Mikaru was not happy and think why is Kaito having fun with Lucia so much. The teacher told everyone to pick a flower and to write a report on that flower. Kaito let Lucia pick the flower and Lucia was a bit annoyed that if they don't agree on a flower, then the teacher will get upset until she came across the Hibicus section on her map. Lucia then remember about her birthday last year that she was given a surf board with a Hibicus on it. However, it was burn down by the fire and she was given a late birthday present which was a keychain with a Hibicus on it. She took out the keychain which Kaito asked what flower is on it. When Lucia answered Kaito decide that they should see the Hibicus. Rina and Lanhua was doing joke time when Lanhua wanted to do Karaoke but coundn't because the machine was broken causing Rina to use puppets to do more jokes when the bus then arrive the greenhouse. As Lucia and Kaito go to where the Hibicus is thay are met by Mikaru who asked Kaito if he will come to her to work on the report but Kaito turned her down which cause Mikaru to collaspe. Kaito then search for Mikaru when Kengo thought that she was with him leaving Lucia alone and feeling a bit hurt. Rina and Hanon then saw Lucia and asked her why she is alone which Lucia's anwser is that she was with Kaito just a little bit. Lucia then wonder if the feeling she feels right now will disapear if she just forget about Kaito. Suddenly, Seira's compact begaon to glow causing the girls to find a place where they can't be seen. Lanhua was about to give up on her serch when she was Seira's orange light believe it's from the mermaid princesses. Seira asked Lucia what is this feeling she feels "Even though I feel love, my heart hurts, and my chest aches." Rina and Hanon don't understand but Lucia may have a clue of what Seira is talking about. Lanhua ran to where the orange light was but there was nothing there so she shed her bus disguise and sing her song to lure the princesses to her with worked. Lanhua that sang her song and the mermaid princesses danced. Lanhua then used her fan to catch the princesses in the cage. Later Fuku appeared telling Lanhua that she did a good job. Lucia then get up along with Hanon and Rina knowing that love will not keep them trap for long and sang their song. Lanhua and Fuku retreat with Fuku saying that he thought Lanhua would have suceed when he heard Mikeru's singing. As Lucia collected another of Seira's heart, Seira asked Lucia about the feeling before. Lucia aplogized that she left Seira to worry and explain that her was hurt when Kaito left her and it was the feeling for longing for someone which Seira was a biit confused before her fade away. (Seira was singing Beautiful Wish) As Kaito was looking her Mikaru he see a Hibicus and remember about Lucia's birthday. He than found Mikaru and said they should go home togther. At the bus Lucia found a Hibicus on her seat and wondered how it got there when she heard Seira's voice telling her is it great for her having Lucia to cry that it was Kaito who gave her the flower. The scence shift to Kaito on his bed thinking about Lucia and then to Lucia's bed puting the Hibicus on a pink vase ans taking out her keychain to look at. The episode end with Seira's compact opening showing Seira singing her song until that last part of her song was played by Lucia's pearl music box.


  • Kaito remember more about Lucia.

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