Thm 161555

The mermaid princesses won!

It's summer vacation! Let's gather, everyone! is the 68 episode of the series and is the 16 episode of season Pure.


In order for Maki's beach house to complete with a nearby hotel, Lucia, Hanon, and Rina hire Karen, Noel, and Coco to help them in their chores. The six mermaid princesses engaged in a beach volleyball match against some guests of the hotel.


Coming soon...


While making their beach volleyball comback the 6 mermaid princesses have names for their attacks:

Coco's and Noel's

  • Ice and Steel Wall of Perfection!Block!

Hanon's with Rina's and Karen's help

  • Tornado Serve!

Karen's with Rina's help

  • Blizzard Revolution Receive!


  • Hailstorm Toss!


  • Southern Ocean Hurricane Attack!

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