The Heart That Believes
Episode 27
Air Date October 4, 2003
Episode No. 27
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Karen's Song Bonds

The Heart that Believes is the twenty seventh episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


The purple mermaid introduces herself as Caren, the mermaid princess of the Antarctic Ocean and younger twin sister to Noel, whom Rina was with when she was captured. Rina then experiences a guilt trip as she remembers how she was forced to abandon her friend when Gaito attacked. The Black Beauty Sisters are introduced.


Lucia,Hanon and Rina thanked Karen for saving them from the Dark Lovers.Lucia was happy that "a new member would be joining their team"But Karen told them she would not join them,she explained how she was the mermaid princess of the Antarctic Ocean and the younger sister to Noel.Rina was shocked as Noel was the mermaid that sacrificed herself to save Rina.Later,