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Episode 21: A Small First Love

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A Small First Love
Episode 21
Air Date August 23, 2003
Episode No. 21
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A Love Letter From the Sea Glamorous Girl

A Small First Love is the twenty first episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


A little boy (Kaito's cousin) becomes fascinated by Lucia's mermaid form and vows to search for her. Meanwhile, Lucia, Hanon, and Rina join a beauty contest wherein a plasma TV set is up for grabs. 


One time Lucia decided it was a good time to go swimming, so she dive into the ocean. What she doesn't know was there was a small boy who saw and was happy that he saw a real mermaid. Later at the pearl piari, Maki announce a mermaid contest that will be happening soon and that Lucia, Hanon, Rina, and Nikora should join in it for the prize is a plasma tv. Eriru learns about the infomation and tells the other Dark Lovers about it.


  • Makoto's first and only appearance in the first season of the series.
  • Makoto is the first one to find out about Lucia's idenity.

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